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A revolutionary technology, Nano-coating also known as ceramic coating, is the process of applying a surface layer that protects against dry particles, water and oil. This can make a surface scratch resistant, improve the hardness of the surface and make it resilient to elements such as UV rays, chemicals, bird droppings, acid rain, tree gum and bacteria while ensuring a high gloss appearance.

Nano Coating Protects car paint against scratches, bird droppings,acid rain, tar, and other environmental stains. It's hydrophobic and easy to clean.

A professional nano coating for the car pays off for intensive paint care – namely when the car still looks almost as good as new in a few years. The nano-sealed paint maintains the shine and color brilliance of the new car. The nanotechnology smoothes out small scratches and irregularities in the paint, making the vehicle appear more valuable and well cared for. The nano coating also has an effect on the windshield and rims. They shine, hardly accept dirt and give the vehicle a well-groomed touch – without cumbersome and tedious car care.

Nano coating for car glass or bodywork lasts one to two years. This means it lasts much longer than conventional measures for paint protection, such as waxing or sealing in the car wash. The professional nano coating for motorhome and car is designed to last. How long the full protection is maintained also depends on the environmental variables, namely the weather conditions and the storage facilities for the motor home or car. If the car is well protected in a garage or carport, the nano coating will also last longer.

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